Julie L. Sloan


Julie L. Sloan is a prolific contributor to the literature of stained glass restoration and conservation; her articles have had significant impact on the way leading American studios address the preservation of the country's heritage glass. Her award-winning book, "Conservation of Stained Glass in America - A Manual for Studios & Caretakers," is the definitive text on the subject and "Light Screens: The Leaded Glass of Frank Lloyd Wright," the catalog to an exhibition of the same name, was hailed by the American Association of Museums in 2002.

Sloan was the first American specialist to take serious analytical steps in the conservation of American stained glass, following the lead of European consultants. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) published her "Condition Analyses and Specifications for Stained Glass" in 1996.

She has also been asked to provide numerous articles for the stained glass press - including Journal of Stained Glass and Church Building Magazine (U.K.), Professional Stained Glass and Stained Glass Quarterly (U.S.) - as well as in the publications of conservation organizations, church magazines, and arts groups, including American Art Journal, Your Church, The Magazine Antiques, Common Bond, Beautiful Glass, and Historic Preservation .