Project Management & Supervision During Restoration

Under separate contract, we maintain a high level of supervision to ensure that specifications are adhered to, that the quality of craftsmanship is of the highest, and that the work is acceptable. Supervision and project management of the restoration includes, but is not limited to, the following tasks, as applicable and as set forth in the Technical Specifications:

  • The Consultant represents the Owner in all phases of the project.
  • Approve in writing repairs and replacements made in the event of damage by the Contractor.
  • Approve in writing blocking system, material, securing, and color (blocking fills the window openings after removal of the stained glass), if different than or not specified.
  • Approve in writing all materials, including glass, lead, paint colors, cleansers, and all substitutions, if different than specified.
  • Receive, review, approve, distribute, and file all required data on materials, including MSDSs, manufacturers' information, etc.
  • Approve in writing documentation materials, including photography, window numbering scheme, rubbings.
  • Collect, collate, and distribute documentation materials from Contractor.
  • Determine conditions of fragile glass and paint, conservation and cleaning methods to be applied, and where they will be applied and to what extent, where not included in the specifications.
  • Determine which previous repairs are to be removed and replaced; approve replacements.
  • Determine where plating and repainting will be applied; approve replacements.
  • Determine which broken glass is to be replaced; approve replacements.
  • Approve releading.
  • Approve in writing painter for restoration painting.
  • Receive daily or weekly reports by telephone during sitework, as specified.
  • Receive weekly reports by telephone and/or in writing during benchwork.
  • Act on such reports as needed. Distribute and file reports.
  • Produce work schedules.
  • Interface between Contractor and Owner.
  • Provide restoration direction to Contractor on notification by Contractor of unusual conditions or conditions in excess of the specifications.
  • Consult with Owner, Contractor, and all other parties involved in the conservation of the windows to ensure the smooth progress of the work, and to provide high quality restoration.
  • Receive, review, and act upon tally of actual conditions in windows, after their removal to the stained glass studio.
  • Review and process Contractor's applications for payment.
  • Approve ventilation plan for protective glazing, if none was specified.
  • Project Management is achieved through the regular interface between the Consultant, Owner, and Contractor. This is accomplished by regular visits of the Consultant to the site and Contractor's studio. Such visits are followed by a submission of minutes by the Consultant to the Owner and Contractor.
  • If the Owner wishes, the Conservation Consultant will provide a written monthly progress report.

We have managed projects ranging in overall budget from $25,000 to $3 million. This includes some of the largest and most important stained glass projects undertaken in this country, including Harvard University's Memorial Hall, Judson Memorial Church, New York, and Princeton University Chapel. At the other end of the scale, we have managed projects involving only one window or parts of a single window, with churches and owners of lesser means.

We maintain $1,000,000 professional liability coverage.