Bid & Contract Documents

We provide Bid Documents, if requested, including a Project Manual, Invitations to Bid and Instructions to Bidders. We also provide a special bid form for the project. We will reproduce and distribute bid packages to contractors who have either been identified during Prequalification, or who are known to the Consultant to be qualified for the work, and/or who are desired by the Client to bid. We will schedule appointments for bidders' Site Inspections and will be on site on the day of inspection to answer bidders' questions. We will schedule a mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting as well, if desired. 

Upon receipt of the bids, we review them for their adherence to the contract documents, quality of work, and suitability to the project and the needs of the windows and Client, and make a recommendation to the Client. Recommendations are not necessarily based on price, but on the qualifications of the bidder to perform the work.

We can provide contract documents as well, working with the client and their attorneys.