Most owners of stained-glass windows - whether the windows are located in religious structures, civic buildings, educational institutions, or private homes - don't carry enough insurance to replace them in the event of loss or damage due to fire, vandalism, or other causes.

Given the frequent news stories about vandals smashing windows to rob or deface buildings, fires destroying structures, and even hurricanes blowing windows right out of the frames, it has become increasingly clear that having a professional appraisal among the important documents concerning stained-glass windows is very important.

Additionally, when windows are removed from a building to be restored, they should be insured for loss or damage in transit to and from the stained-glass studio and while in the care and control of the studio during restoration.

Sloan trained as an appraiser at New York University and successfully completed the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) exam in the summer of 2010.  We provide fair market value appraisals for estate or donation purposes as well as retail replacement value appraisals for insurance purposes.