The Care, Restoration and Conservation of American Stained Glass Windows

Julie L. Sloan, LLC provides consultation and project management for the care, preservation, conservation, and history of stained glass in America. She assists owners, architects, preservationists, curators, and others charged with the care of stained glass windows.

Our offices are in North Adams, Massachusetts, centrally located in the Boston-Washington, D.C. corridor, convenient to major metropolitan centers and airports, enabling us to serve owners and architects around the country. Julie L. Sloan, LLC's approach to stained glass and its restoration is to respect equally the needs of the windows, the building that houses them, and the owner, with consideration for the emotional, aesthetic and financial aspects of the project. We ensure that restoration of the highest standards is performed within budgetary limits. We offer the following selections of services to meet the needs of all stained glass windows:

Condition Inspection and Analysis to determine the condition and needs of the stained glass

Restoration Recommendations outlining in layman's terms appropriate restoration, care, and maintenance of the stained glass

Cost Estimates of the recommended work and alternatives

Technical Specifications for the restoration to serve as contract documents and detail the scope of the work

Contract Documents between the Owner and the Contractor

Guidance in the Choice of a Restorer including prequalification and review of craftsmanship and credentials

Bid or Proposal Solicitation and Evaluation to seek bids or proposals on the restoration project

Project Management oversight and supervision of the restoration

Photographic Surveys suitable for insurance purposes, publication, or promotional use

Historical Research to help determine the historic value of your windows

Telephone Consultation on any issue related to stained glass or its conservation

Lectures and Courses in stained glass history and restoration

Julie L. Sloan, LLC is not commercially affiliated with any stained glass studio. We maintain relationships with the best qualified studios in the country, and are also willing to work with other studios and craftspeople to provide restoration that meets the owners' and windows' needs. Julie L. Sloan, LLC brings to each project a unique combination of many years' experience in history, fine arts, architectural conservation, and project management, combined with an unswerving devotion to the craft and restoration of stained glass. The author of many articles and several books on stained glass, Sloan consults, teaches, and lectures around the country, and is Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Architecture at Columbia University, as well as an Instructor in the Art Department of Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts.