Location, Location, Location: How to Select the Best Site for Your Business (PSI Successful Business Library) ~ Ships in 2-3 days
Luigi Salvaneschi, Camille Akin (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1996
Location, Location, Location: How to Select the Best Site for Your Business
Whether you are searching for a new business site or relocating an existing business, you have the power to dramatically increase or decrease your profits by choosing the right location. Location is the most important ingredient for success for any business that depends on customers finding it. But how can you tell what is a good location? Experienced real estate executive Luigi Salvaneschi shares all he knows about the topic in this new guide for retail business owners, managers, corporate and franchise operators, and real estate agents.

This book clearly explains how to:
* Spot the essential characteristics of the best location
* Understand why and how people move from one point to another and how this movement affects their retail business
* Analyze and learn from your competitor's business so you can make your store a better shopping option
* Use the concept of the analogue store to successfully project your store's sales
* Learn about the retail trading zone and how to use it to capture the most customers

Use the following worksheets and instructions along with others to help walk you through the site selection process:
* Retail Trade Zone Survey and instructions
* Long-Range Store Development Plan and instructions
* Real Estate and Construction Checklist and instructions
* Analogue Rating Score Sheet
* Hourly Sales Analysis Worksheet
* Success Model Worksheet

From the Publisher
Luigi Salvaneschi, the former President of Blockbuster Video, Senior Vice-President of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and member of the Board of Directors at McDonald's shares his vast knowledge about site relocation. Helps you identify and understand your retail trading zone and gives industry insights on using city layout and traffic patterns to your benefit. Also shows unique methods for analyzing your competitors to maximize your retail potential.

The best guide for any research!!on location. Reviewer: from England. T'was nearly perfect
5 out of 5 stars
A++ for all retail professionals! Reviewer: from Newport Beach, CA April 6, 1998 Finally an author that writes all the necessary site selection principles in ONE book! I consult to retailers and I recommend this to beginner and advanced professionals for principle review and great new ideas in retail. A must have if you are in any retail related business.
5 out of 5 stars
Location: the real thing. Reviewer: from Herent, Belgium October 2, 1997 The best book about location. No theoretical lesson, but the essentials to work with. I'm a McDonald's rep in Belgium and 'll use the guidelines in my work. Belgium is one of the 7 countries were McDonald's losing money due to bad locations!

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