Basics of Bead Stringing
by Genevieve Bourget
Basics of Bead Stringing Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours. Paperback 2nd pri edition (September 1998) Learn how to finish necklaces, wire wrap, and use sead beads This book is the result of the collaborative effort of designers, artists and hobbyists who are in the profession of making jewelry. I have created this book in order to address the most common and popular questions of those who would like to begin designing and producing their own jewelry. I know that this book will be an asset to the novice beader as well as the teacher of beginners, because it provides the fundamentals as well as the latest knowledge of the art of bead stringing, wire wrapping, and weaving seed beads. I tried to illustrate each step including the ones that are hard to draw. There were so many times that I would be following a lesson in a book or magazine and find that the most important steps were not illustrated. I have also found that some of the most common questions have been about the tools and supplies needed to start a project. Using the right tools can make all the difference when creating jewelry and I have illustrated and explained most of the supplies that are used today. I am proud of this little book and know that it will inspire its readers to create beautiful and professional jewelry.
excellent quick reference Reviewer: rissa from Illinois February 14, 1999 This book is not necessarily the best beading book for a novice but for anyone who has done any kind of beading or jewelery making at all, it is an valuable resource. It provides quick access to what really are the fundamentals of beading, it's a good reminder for the person who hasn't made anything with, for example, the brick stitch in a couple of years and just needs a brief guide to get her started again or for the person who needs to remember how to attach a beadtip and clasp. The first section explains how to begin and finish a necklace (or bracelet) including information on beadtips, jump rings and clasps; using crimp beads and clam shells; knotting beads; and the double needle method. This is followed by a section on using wire and pins for earrings and pendants and includes instructions on how to make wrapped wire loops, how to attach cones, how to use memory wire and how to wrap cabs and beads. Next is a brief section on knotting and finishing leather and satin cords. This is followed by instructions on weaving, stitching and finishing designs that incorporate the daisy chain, brick and peyote stitches. The remainder of the book includes descriptions of available jewelery-making materials including types of bead cord, wire, findings, clasps and chains with examples of each as well as a section on tools including descriptions of the various kinds of pliers, cutters, glues, bead boards, vises and reamers. The only problems I had with the book were minor: the author clearly favors one type of beading wire over the others, there is no mention of the usefulness of split rings plus the section on how to attach a crimp bead doesn't explain that this is a two-step process (hence the two separate sections of a crimping plier). It also would have been a better book had the author included a list of major suppliers. Still, as a quick reference, it's a solid, dependable book.

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